poems a-n

i’m sharing a collection of poems (this page has titles a through n) which i’ve been fortunate enough to have accepted by local and national poetry publications. click each title link to read the poem.

• • • •

ash tuesday
Anti-Heroin Chic, 2021

body language
Magee Park Poets Anthology, 2008

charting my course
The Comstock Review, Fall/Winter 2002

circular breathing
The Comstock Review, Fall/Winter 2002

Spillway #13, 2007

the dancer
Between Sheets #9 California State University Stanislaus, 1978

inside out
So Luminous the Wildflowers Anthology of California Poets, 2003

i would rather write about peace
Magee Park Poets Anthology, 2006

looking back
Magee Park Poets Anthology, 2015

maybe god rides a harley
Bards Against Hunger SD, 2020

night vision
Waymark Voices of the Valley #5, 2015

• • • •

Photo by Nick Scheerbart on Unsplash