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Green Hills Literary Lantern
Truman State University’s highly respected Green Hills Literary Lantern is now an online journal! This annual journal had a long-standing web presence featuring selected poems and fiction, which complemented their printed journal. After sixteen years, the publication found itself, like many others, facing funding concerns. As such, they took the leap with their seventeenth issue as an online literary journal. 

New Millennium Writings

Poetic Matrix Press

Poetry Book Project on Bradley Burkhart, Sculptor’s page
Bradley says: “During 2000 I became interested in how artists are inspired by the work of other artists. Of particular interest to me was the cross pollination that occurs among artists working in entirely different fields…”

Collaboration 2020: Burkhart + Latif
This year, Pajaro Valley Arts has created their annual Members Exhibit as an Online Gallery, and Brad Burkhart’s work appears, in collaboration with poet Cheryl Latif…