ad infinitum menu of services

All menu items served Business-to-Business or Direct-to-Consumer.


Copy Editing – Sometimes you want a quick bite, a little pick-me-up to infuse new zest into your marketing materials. You can count on our chef to liven up your message and make your hunger pangs a thing of the past.

Consultation – Our chef will whip up a memorable marketing mélange; a satisfying taste of her culinary prowess. Served with a generous side of how-to tips.

All entrees available with concept development,
graphic design consultation and project management.


Ad Copy – When you want a quick, healthy meal, this hits the spot. Flash-seared to seal in flavor and served in a rich concise sauce, it’s a results-oriented blend of subtle textures, finished with a zest of WIIFM*.

Brochure Copy – A house specialty, you’ll find this sizzling mix of promotional copy delicately tossed to perfection with just a hint of spice for maximum marketing impact. The perfect complement to four-color images and photography. Served with a dash of envelope Teaser Copy for an eye-pleasing, action-oriented presentation.

Product Copy – A tasty smorgasbord of WIIFM copy sure to make your products jump off the page (and your customers’ pocketbooks burst open). Your choice of lean detail or expressive enthusiasm. Both promise sated results.

Catalog Copy – The four-course version of our Product Copy, this is one of our chef’s favorites. Served on a bed of fresh expression with a hint of savory gotta-have-it, for a presentation that whets the appetite and begs for more. Be sure to ask your server about headlines and bursts for an even more impressive marketing message.

Web Site Content – Hearty wordsmithing drenched in a lightly whipped medley of product, sales and informational descriptors, you won’t be left hungry (though the full-bodied flavor may have you coming back for more). Main course or side dish, it’s a satisfying choice for further branding.

E-promotion Copy – Crisp WIIFM-infused features and benefits seared to seal in your marketing message. Best served hot with plenty of fresh offers, for a taste that can’t be beat. A real ROI pleaser.

Newsletter Writing & Editing – The season’s freshest ingredients promise a mouth-watering mix of human interest and market achievements, lightly sautéed and served on a bed of crisp greens. It’s an award-winning four-course culinary delight, whether served in-house or catered (the ideal solution for busy end-users). Sides include special events, upcoming items of interest, and discount offers. For dessert, your choice of electronic or print. Ideal for diners interested in a healthy bottom line.

a la carte

Press Releases – These one- to two-page morsels hit the spot with enticing bits of product announcements, industry news, the comings and goings of movers and shakers, and more. There’s always something fresh in the kitchen. Just tell your server what you want.

Feature Articles – Tasty accompaniments to your print media buys, you’ll delight in these made-to-order soufflés. Whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, they aptly rise to the occasion.

Instructional Materials – Our chef gladly dons a sous-chef hat when it comes to cooking up training materials. The result is a complex mix of imported and domestic ingredients even the most discerning instructional designer will relish.

Commentary – Rounding out our chef’s extensive repertoire, these magazine and newspaper specialties appear from time to time, complete with byline. A delicious freelance treat. (Some spend their free time playing golf; our chef prefers a sweeter sport.)


Postcards –Tangy scoops of promotional copy drizzled with sweet call-to-action sauce, these treats elicit great response.

Teasers & Tag Lines – Sweeten the deal with these tasty one-liners. Ideal for envelopes, ads and corporate identities.

Special Announcements – Refreshing sorbets of focused messaging to mark any number of events and accomplishments. Ideal for presentation in a range of media, including letterhead, invitations, press kits and e-mails.

*WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? (The question on every customer’s mind!)