published poems

A Year in Ink Anthology, Vol. 6 2013

Best of MAP, Featured Austin Festival poetry Vol IV 2000-2001
but that was just the end of it

Between Sheets #9 Cal State Stanislaus 1978  
the dancer

Don’t Blame the Ugly Mug Anthology 2011
pas de deux

Electric Rain Anthology 2000
slam dunk
writer’s block
the ghost of Niobe
out of time
winter solstice
arc of desire

Driftwood Highway anthology
prairie poet 1999
without such things 1999
this river 2001
someplace to be 2001
six months and counting 2001
untitled (now titled tidings) 2002
inside out 2002
ollie, ollie oxen free 2002
moving on 2002

The Company of Women anthology 2001
listening to the wind
someplace to be

The Coast Highway Review vol 1 2000
searching for america

The Comstock Review Awards Issue 2002
circular breathing

Spillway #13 2007

How Luminous the Wildflowers 2003
inside out

New Millennium Writings
star lilies Winter 2000-2001
for onan Summer 2000 Special Issue

Erosticity San Diego Anthology 2000
listening to the wind

Dichotomy 2000
out of time
my father’s children

Exhibition Magazine
supplicant 2003
changing destinations 2005
november 2007
reflection 2008

Limestone Circle
moments Spring 1999 #2
saggitarius rising Spring 1999 #2
not so random thoughts Winter 2000 #5
untitled (the dancer) Spring 2000  #6

Waymark Voices of the Valley
night vision #5 2015
windsongs #5 2015
searching for America #9 2018
star lilies #11 20
coda #13 2019

Magee Park Poets Anthology
arc of desire 2000
reflection 2003
supplicant 2005
i would rather write about peace 2006
this hard rain 2007
body language 2008
prayer beads 2009
gifts 2010
looking back 2015
maybe god rides a harley 2017

Piedmont Literary Review
celestial promises Vol. XXIII 
bring love Vol. XXIV

X daring poetry and prose #1 2002
shadows of entanglement

Bards Against Hunger Anthology 5th Anniversary issue 2017 

Bards Against Hunger San Diego 2020
maybe god rides a harley

Spawn News 1999
slam dunk

Poetry Conspiracy vol. 10.5 2000
prayer beads
star lilies

Poetry Conspiracy vol. 11.9 2001
someplace to be